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Updated: Mar 7

Hawni Lindsay shares her career story and how she earned a MBA in International Business with the intent of going into corporate finance and is now a Senior Event Manager with Maritz Global. Her job has allowed her to visit 6 of the 7 continents. Let's see where Hawni's journey has led her today.

Hawni's Highlights

If you are interested in a career in events & hospitality, here are some key skills to harness:

  • Ability to stay calm in the middle of chaos

  • Be confident you can fix the problem

  • Think on your feet

Some skills to be mindful of as you are growing in your career:

  • Have professional communication skills

  • Be a team player (be someone your team can trust)

  • Learn how to multi-task

  • Be proactive, not reactive

Things Hawni wished she knew early in her career:

  • Research your industry and understand the career track

  • Set benchmarks or milestones to reach the next goal

To watch Hawni's interview, click here.

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