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Updated: Mar 7

Sundays at Seven (CST)

Highlighted Points

  • Selling is simply cultivating relationships

  • Do something that makes your heart happy (Pursue Joy) - When you are in a rut or spinning your wheels, do something out of the box that is fun! You can do something you are passionate about (volunteering for an organization) or something wild and crazy like sky diving. Give your mind and heart a jolt and from that place of joy, you will attract the thing you are hoping to find.

  • Act like you own it - Walk in confidence that you CAN DO IT! We aren't always going to know exactly how we are going to achieve or accomplish what is asked of us, but more than likely, neither does the other guy. So, trust in your ability to figure it out!

  • Failure is a daily occurrence - as an entrepreneur, failures happen all the time. However, it creates pivots and opportunities. Failure is how you grow and learn.

  • Take Action - Take action every day. Set goals and take action that moves you closer to where you want to be. No action is too small to take! Just keep moving forward!

To watch Emily's interview, click here.

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