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Updated: Mar 7

Holly shares her journey and how she made it to Corporate America without a degree and very little work experience. Hear how she overcame the challenges of starting her career at the age of 31.

Holly's Highlights

If you are trying to get into Corporate America after an extended season of time off or starting your career late in life and want to know "Where do I begin?"

  1. Take any job that comes your way - do not wait around to find the perfect job that aligns with all of your desires and skills. You need experience, so GET TO WORK!

  2. Stay Perseverant!

When applying for a job, Things You Need to Know:

  1. Know why you applied for the job - when the recruiter calls you back, have a really good answer as to why you applied for that position, show you actually did research.

  2. When interviewing - Make sure to prepare good questions (even if you already know the answers) - show you came prepared.

  3. Your interview begins the moment you walk into the lobby - all eyes are on you at all times and how you present yourself is being observed

  4. Be professional in all you do - Hold your shoulders up, don't fidget, make good eye contact and give a firm handshake

  5. KNOW YOURSELF - understand your personality and strengths. Don't pigeon-hole yourself based on prior experience that may not reflect your strengths or desires. Take personality tests that will help you asses the right fit for you (Strengths finders, The Harrison Assessment, Myers Briggs, The Enneagram etc)

Employers are looking for Employees who are:

  1. Disciplined

  2. Can set goals and complete them

  3. Consistent

Bonus* Be ready to tell a story of how you faced a challenging situation and how you overcame that challenge!

To contact Holly to take the Harrison Assessment email her at or look her up on Linkedin

To watch Holly's interview, click here.

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